British Made Wax Jackets

British Made Wax Jackets

26th October 2017

As you all know, we've been renowned experts in the leather industry for over 60 years. Whilst we're very much at the forefront of leather fashion, we also like to develop other avenues. When working with leather our aim is always to provide you, with the best quality garments; garments which are durable, stylish and practical. We follow this practice when developing new products, meaning we only source premium materials, such as our newly developed British made wax jackets.

A little bit of history

The initial process of ‘waxing’ can be traced back to the 15th Century. Men who work at sea were at the mercy of heavy rain and severe wind. Survival was dependant on a great deal of luck, and protective clothing. Therefore, early seafarers began rubbing linseed oil into the remains of wind-torn sails, and using these as crude canvas smocks. The biting winds and harsh sea-spray couldn't penetrate the cloth and reach the skin. And wax jackets were born.

There are very few materials as hard-wearing, or reliable as a waxed cotton - with leather being the obvious exception. The robust classics of British made wax jackets, are similar to leather; as they age each piece gains character and becomes a unique favourite in everyone’s outerwear wardrobe.

So whether you are planning on scrambling in the glorious Lake District, or embracing your need for retail therapy, your wax jacket fits the bill.

Our British Wax Jackets


Working alongside Lancashire-based British Millerain Company, winners of the prestigious Drapers' Fashion Supplier of 2016, we are extremely proud to launch our very own wax jacket designs for both men and women. Established in 1880, British Millerain have acquired decades of knowledge. Handed down through the generations, they have earned a reputation as the UK's leading manufacturer of waxed cotton. And, being family-run, just like us, they were the obvious partner for our new venture.

To create 100% British made wax jackets, we chose the finest waxed cotton. Our designs, exclusive to Lakeland Leather, are also made right here in the UK.


So, why design a waxed cotton jacket you may ask? As we previously said, we are leather experts, but we're passionate about more than just leather. We're outerwear specialists. And, as a Lake District business we're well used to the uncertain weather forecast and regular down pours of rain. Aside from our popular leather collections, we felt there was a gap for a weather-repellent jacket. Applying our unlimited outerwear design skills we've created four incredible pieces (even if we do say so ourselves).

Why not take a look for yourselves at our fantastic range of wax jackets?

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