Do Leather Jackets Keep You Warm?

10th October 2019

A leather jacket is a trusty companion throughout all seasons. It’s a second skin that transforms your look; they’re versatile with outfit pairings and are attached to many stories of the life that you’ve given it over the years (or however long you’ve had yours).

Now we're moving into colder weather, a jacket is needed of endurance, resilience and insulating properties. If there’s one time of year your outerwear really needs to be practical, it’s now. Thankfully, our leather is adaptable and resourceful. Bringing endless options to your autumn and winter wardrobe. You didn’t spend all that money on a leather jacket for it to sit in the wardrobe for half of the year. No. Get it out of the wardrobe, make use of it and wear it with confidence.

do leather jackets keep you warm Garsdale Men's Leather Coat

So, why should you invest in a leather jacket this season?


Leather is an extremely breathable material due to its hydrophilic properties. Throughout the day we evaporate water from the surface of our skin, so a breathable material is needed to expel the moisture. Leather fibres hold large quantities of water vapour which is then later dissipated. This is a significant factor in the warmth and comfort of a leather jacket, and allows our temperature to be regulated so we don’t overheat or become uncomfortably clammy. At Lakeland it is important to us that we keep our leather natural. This alone increases the breathability of our jackets due to less pigmentation and plastic in the leather.


The idea when wearing a leather jacket in the colder months is to build layers to insulate - your base layer, a second layer, and your leather jacket. Between your second layer and the leather jacket an insulation layer is formed which traps air around you. As air is a poor conductor of heat you are kept toasty and warm.


Leather jackets have great thermostatic properties to be your all-year-round outerwear option. The air trapping layer and breathability allows you to stay cool in the summer and well insulated in the winter. And if your leather jacket has a lining then it will wear even warmer.

A longer length coat has got you covered for the winter season ahead, the extra material and added length is the best combination for keeping your whole body insulated.  Further insulating features include wind guards, funnel neck collars and zip out linings for extra protection.

Liam Checked Shirt, Dom Half Zip Knit, Skelwith Leather Coat Liam Checked Shirt, Dom Half Zip Knit, Skelwith Leather Coat

And with all the money you’ll have saved by purchasing an all-climate, all-season multi-wear jacket why not treat yourself to some cosy accessories? Keep your hands warms with some leather gloves and your head cosy with a sheepskin hat.  Alternatively, if warmth is the main driving factor behind purchasing a new jacket, look for a sheepskin option – nature’s greatest insulator.

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