How to clean a leather handbag

How to clean a leather handbag

2nd November 2017

A leather handbag (or a few) is a must have accessory for every wardrobe. I’m sure you ladies agree! The high quality leather we use for our handbags requires specialist leather care and cleaning. As with all natural materials, leather benefits from a little love and attention, but taking care of leather can be tricky. We're often asked how to clean a leather handbag without ruining it, so here's our top tips.

Before you begin

Identify which kind of finish your leather is. This will determine the appropriate care and cleaning process. As a rule of thumb, smooth leather will be aniline or nappa. Scuffed, buffed, or suede will require a Suede & Nubuck cleaner.

Where to start

The perfect place to start is with prevention, which can help to avoid staining, grease penetration and can prevent all manner of issues in the long run. When protecting your bag always select reputable treatment products ,such as our Protection Cream Plus+. Applying this cream provides an invisible, protective barrier over the surface of the bag. This biodegradable and dermatologically safe cream gives excellent protection against water and oil-based stains. We recommend you do this on day one then repeat roughly, every three months.

How to Clean Leather

Alongside protection, regular cleaning is also recommended even if it is a swift wipe down, it’s a must. Your leather bag will benefit from the use of leather cleaner. This product is a mild cleaner which will not affect the original look, properties or finish of the leather – although we do recommend you test on an inconspicuous area of your bag first. To clean the bag use a fine sponge and follow the process by reapplying the protection cream and repeat this process roughly every three months, in order to keep them in the best possible condition.

Removing Ink Marks

The key to removing ink marks is to treat them almost instantly or within a short time of it happening. Using our Ink Away, which is in a compact lipstick size tubes, will help to lift the ink out of the leather before it dries. However, if the stains have been around for some time they are likely to be stubborn to remove therefore seek professional help.

Some Useful Tips

  • Keep your bag stuffed whilst not in use as this will help to keep the original shape
  • Use professional leather treatment and protection products for the best results
  • Avoid holding your bag when you have just applied hand cream to your hands
  • If your bag comes with a dust bag, place your bag inside this when not in use
  • Don’t leave your leather handbag in direct sun light
  • Check out our leather care and cleaning videos to see how to apply the cream

How to Clean a Leather Handbag - Top Tip

Never use baby wipes, vinegar, or any other ‘home remedies’ for cleaning or protecting. They're not likely to work, and will probably do more harm than good.

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