How To Pack Like A Pro

31st October 2018

I think it’s safe to say packing is one of those tasks that everyone mutually agrees to dislike.  It’s time consuming, tedious and requires a large amount of forward planning. Boring!

One task that should take no longer than half an hour seems to end up taking way longer than necessary. We must have all, at some point, told ourselves we’ll do it soon and then soon comes and its 10 minutes before we need to leave and our bag is still not packed. Useless. When will we learn?

So we thought we’d do the right thing and help a customer out. You can purchase a classic holdall and know how to pack it. Keep reading for some useful dos and don’ts and essential tips and tricks on all things packing.

How to pack like a pro

The first and one of the most important decisions – the bag. Because you’re not going anywhere if you don’t have the right bag. Your choice of luggage can say a lot about you; so make sure you invest in one that covers practicality and your own style. Our ranges of holdalls are the ideal size, look great and are super practical for short trips and weekends away. Crafted in premium leather they ensure you’re travelling in luxury.

Now, what to pack?

Even though you might think so, the saying less is more doesn’t apply when packing. No, one pair of trousers and two t-shirts probably won’t cover all occasions. Or maybe you’re on the other end of the packing spectrum and pack six pairs of jeans, ten t-shirts and that cologne you never wear, just to cover every eventuality, ‘just in case’.

It’s all about knowing what and how to pack. A capsule holdall. Pick items that align with one another and items with a similar colour palette to avoid random pieced together outfits and fashion disasters. Now yes, that may sound a lot easier than what it actually is because surprisingly, not all of us have the brain or style of Marc Jacobs. But it’s not rocket science. Think about the basics and the essentials, and don’t forget to take into account the weather. Is it a jacket or no jacket trip? Trousers or shorts? Sunglasses or scarves? If the weather says sunshine don’t do the British thing of packing a raincoat ‘just in case’, it probably won’t rain. Probably.

how to pack like a pro

Fail to prepare… prepare to fail. Make a list to help you pack so you know you’ve not forgotten anything. Don’t we all love a good list? Keep the list in your phone for future reference too. You’ll thank yourself later.

So now you’ve chosen what to pack, we move onto how? Don’t be that person that just throws everything in haphazardly. You’ve got a holdall with versatile space, use it wisely.

One word. Washbags. Washbags take care of all your toiletries and other essentials. Travel size toiletries are even better and will all fit snug inside your washbag which will fit even better inside your holdall. You can even purchase a matching washbag to your holdall to add some consistency to your travel accessories.


Roll your socks and place them in your shoes. Place shoes at the bottom. Roll your clothes (this utilises space while avoiding creases) and layer. Layer one with rolled clothing and layer two with folded clothing, the third layer is for bulkier items such as jumpers or shirts. Delicate items go on the top with accessories such as belts cleverly inserted around the interior of the bag and in the smaller spaces. Voilà!

So there it is, Lakeland’s low down on packing like a pro. And it all starts with a trusty holdall. Shop our leather holdall and travel accessories here. The dreaded packing days are over.

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