The Mother's Day Gift Guide To Leather

13th March 2019

Sunday 31st March, Mothering Sunday, aka Mother's Day, aka the most important Sunday of the year… put it in your diary or you will regret it. Because if you don’t you won’t hear the last of it until the following Mother's Day comes around, and then you still probably won’t hear the last of it… forever. So, here’s our guide to some Lakeland Leather gifts we know your mum will love to receive this Mothering Sunday.

If there’s one rule to follow when searching for your Mother's Day gift it’s don’t be cliché. Yes, flowers are nice, yes, chocolates are delicious, but, do they really show love and adoration for your mum? No, they’re just the easiest (least thoughtful) option. Candles, books, perfume… been there done that. A leather gift is something your mum can treasure forever and when she uses it, she’ll always think of you (aw).

If your mother likes the finer things in life then a leather item is the perfect gift. Leather handbags, leather purses, leather travel accessories, leather make up bags… there’s something leather-related for every mum, or special woman in your life.

Leather Handbags

Mother's Day Leather Handbag Arnside Leather Grab Bag

Is your mum the adventurous type? Go for a handy leather backpack. More of a lady who lunches? The Arnside grab bag would be perfect. Or perhaps she’s more of the happy-go-lucky spontaneity type; in that case one of our colourful cross body bags would suit every spontaneous occasion.

Leather Purses

mothers day leather purses Leather Tab Purses

A new purse is always a well-received gift. If your mum lives in organised chaos perhaps treat her to the Wasdale long purse, something to keep her spending essentials more organised than chaotic. Maybe your mum is a modern day woman, who is ahead of the times and no longer carries cash. A leather credit card holder would be so appropriate. Or, nothing says if ‘I knew it was Mother's Day I would have baked a cake’ more than the Yoshi goodness bake leather purse.

Leather Accessories

mothers day leather gifts Leather Accessories For Her

If purses or handbags aren’t really her thing then there’s always the option of a more traditional gift, perhaps our leather notebook. You could even write her a personal, thoughtful Mother's Day message (did someone say favourite child?). Why not get a leather pen holder to match. Or, if she’s always travelling, there’s the option of a leather passport holder or leather luggage keyring, leather gifts with the potential to go global! Maybe a leather cosmetic case would be the perfect gift, which doubles as a pencil case, something which your mum didn’t know she wanted, but definitely needs.

And if you still can’t decide, there’s always the option of a Lakeland Leather gift voucher.

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