The Red Leather Jacket: An Icon of Colour

25th February 2019

Thriller or killer look? (Of course there was always going to be a Michael Jackson pun). It’s probably the most iconic red leather jacket we know. Are we scared of being too much MJ? Will people be expecting us to moonwalk everywhere? Fear not. Red may be a bold colour choice for some, but when worn with confidence it exudes style and self-assurance.

Your wardrobe may be filled with many colours, or perhaps your red leather jacket is (or could be) an icon amongst a midst of neutrals. Whether you have a colour coordinated wardrobe or not, we all have a colour that we feel most comfortable in, one that we know defines our character. You might not realise it but colour does play a subconscious, decisive role in how you dress, because when you are choosing to wear a particular colour, you are choosing to present yourself in a particular way.

Take red. Red is an emotionally intense colour that connotes love, passion, and strength as well as aggression, danger, and power. Red isn’t a single colour, there are many hues; post box red, Ferrari red and candy apple red to name some more striking colours, whereas wine red, maroon and burgundy are more calmer hues. As consumers we make subconscious decisions or assumptions about products based off many factors, including the sensory feature of colour. So when we wear a certain colour we are also creating opportunity for other people to make judgements about our chosen ensemble.

Going on a date ladies? Wear red to feel sexy, you’ll make a lasting impression. Have an important meeting or sales pitch? Wear red to impart confidence. Or do you just enjoy being in the spotlight? Wear red to exude positive and powerful energy, success and prosperity. It really is a versatile colour with many sensory undertones.

Sometimes convincing yourself you can pull off a look can be the most difficult part to overcome. Here are some celebrities wearing red leather jackets, not too different from our own styles, to show you anyone can rock the red leather look.

The Classic Red Leather Biker


The Staple Red Leather Jacket

2018 140818 Lakeland Leather-231

A red leather jacket can be daring, assertive and bold. Wear yours as a statement piece for the ultimate confidence boost. You’ll wear it once and it will become your go-to outerwear option.

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