Rowallan - Fine Leather

Rowallan - Fine Leather

30th June 2016

Founded in 1979, Rowallan is a Scottish brand and one of the leading manufacturers of high quality leather bags and goods. From handbags and purses, to luggage and travel accessories.

Rowallan are based in Kilmarnock, on the West Coast of Scotland. The company's current headquarters is just a stone's throw from the 13th century castle from which they take their name. The castle, just like Rowallan the brand, also claims a great heritage.

Using their vast experience, Rowallan have developed one of the most recognisable leather brands in the UK. Calling on their expertise of the leather sourcing and manufacturing process has helped. In addition the talented, design focused product development team are leaders in the industry. Consequently, the brand has become synonymous with fine hand crafted leather.

They pride themselves on producing leather products made exclusively from carefully selected leathers. Leather that possesses a natural grain, cut individually to fit with its specific use. This selection process ensures all Rowallan products are perfectly crafted. In time they develop a unique patina. This is the beauty of natural leather.

Rowallan Handbags

Year by year, Rowallan continue to produce the finest range of real leather handbags. As a result their reputation, as one of the UK’s leading handbag brands, is well deserved. Using soft to touch fine leather, the Scottish brand manage to seamlessly combine traditional elegance with contemporary styling.

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Luggage & Holdalls

Rowallan use heavy duty leather to create hard wearing, durable holdalls in an enduring style. Despite the rugged appearance, the high quality of the raw materials ensures that the luggage remains soft to touch, and exudes the luxury expected from this fine Scottish brand.

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Fine Leather Purses

Years of experience and the finest leather help to craft a quality purse. An everyday essential needs to be hard-wearing, yet stylish, so we ensure Rowallan purses tick both boxes.

Travel Accessories & Washbags

From travel purses to wash bags, the Scottish brand have the ability to create practical, stylish and functional travel accessories. All built to last due to the selection of specialist leather.

Here at Lakeland Leather we love to celebrate everything British. We’re proud of our history and our heritage, therefore we feel that Rowallan fits perfectly with our ethos. Fine leather is more than just a material, it’s a passion that we share.

Working with reputable brands, we have selected one of the largest collections of leather handbags, luggage and purses, many of which are exclusive to Lakeland Leather. This collection is supported by our own high quality products. We believe our expertise has helped to create a range like no other, and as a result we have something for everyone. If you feel that you can’t find what you’re looking for, then please let us know.

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