Laws of Rugby (and leather wash bags)

14th October 2019

There’s no getting away from it, Rugby World Cup fever is contagious... and at Lakeland Leather, we’ve got it bad!

With millions of fans watching on from all over the world and the quarter finals already upon us, it’s safe to say competition on the ball is in full swing.

So what better way to focus on the basics than through our very own Hunter Rugby ball leather wash bag?

The perfect gift for any rugby fan in your life…including yourself.

Recognisable by its unique oval shape the wash bag must never be ‘thrown’ ‘knocked’ or ‘dropped’ forward from a players hands and should only ever be passed sideways or backwards.

leather wash bag

Much like an on-pitch ball the Hunter Rugby wash bag is designed with travel in mind. Hollow inside, this breakthrough design has a quality zip top fastening that reveals plenty of room for those toiletry essentials.

Throughout a game, the ball can be kicked in any direction and although we don’t recommend this, our wash bag's hard wearing and quality waterproof lining will protect against any (likely) attacking play from exploding shampoos and toothpaste.

leather wash bag

Designed to be structured even when empty, the Hunter Rugby Ball Wash bag tackles any toiletry travel challenges by making life easy for practical packing and storage, as remaining onside is essential.

leather wash bag

A good Rugby World Cup referee holds the game together and only improves with age and experience, much like the high quality, real buffed leather exterior, pulling your toiletries together for when you really need them.

leather wash bag

The Hunter Rugby ball leather wash bag is uniquely comparable to the fundamentals of Rugby, in finally and most importantly ‘never travelling too far without the ball’.

So whether you TRY the traditional tan or chocolate brown, it’s sure to be a match-winning conversion.

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