What Leather Handbag Best Suits You?

21st December 2018

At Lakeland we have a wide range of leather handbags of all different styles, shapes and colours to suit everyone’s purse-sonality (sorry, couldn’t resist). Rising above short-lived fashion trends our handbags are staple accessories at affordable prices, which will become your everyday companion for your spending essentials. Not only do handbags store our life, they also complete our look and update our wardrobe. In fact, they’re probably the one fashion item you consistently wear and use, so keep on reading for our guide to the right leather handbag for you and your daily necessities.

The Cross Body Bag

The cross body is a hand(y)bag. Often on the smaller side on the scale of leather handbag sizes but nonetheless it’s extremely practical and fits all your essential belongings.  It gives you freedom of movement, wearing it across your body for hands-free ease. Once you choose a cross body, you never go back. It’s best for someone who’s always on the go and needs a bag for practicality rather than a fashion statement.

Cross Body Leather Handbag Rubi II Small Leather Cross Body Bag

The Bucket Bag

The bucket bag is the bag for women carrying more than just a purse, phone and cosmetics. Even though they’re on the larger end on the scale of leather handbag sizes, they can also look sophisticated and professional. They’re ideal for the working woman carrying a laptop or tablet back and forth on a commute every day. Or you could opt for the lightweight option if you still like the idea of a bucket bag but don’t carry that many essentials day to day.


The Backpack

The backpack is the most practical. They carry all your necessities while remaining out of sight. Perfect for those who live everyday as an adventure and don’t need the hassle of worrying about your bag or belongings.


The Shoulder/Shopper Bag

Shoulder/Shopper bags are the perfect daily go-to for people who need different belongings to carry every day; those who have a lot to juggle. They hold enough room to store your trainers, books or waterproof... whatever you may need! A shoulder bag is for someone who knows what they want and lives for easiness and the simpler things in life. Our ranges of shoulder and shopper bags are varied, so take in to account your own personal style when choosing what leather handbag you’d like.

Coniston Leather Shoulder Bag Coniston Leather Shoulder Bag


The Yoshi Collection

Yoshi was created for those that like to stand out from the crowd. Yoshi creates premium collections of hand-stitched leather handbags to add a touch of quirkiness to your accessory collection. Born from a fusion of Osaka culture and British intricate design, they are accessory pieces to treasure. If you’re a Christmas lover you need to check your shelf and check out Yoshi’s Christmas Bookworm collection. Or get an accessory for every season with the Autumn Girl collection presenting autumnal bliss while the Magic Winter collection is all you need to accessorise for a chic winter look.


Yoshi Collection Yoshi Magic Winter Collection

Bags Under £30

And for all the bargain hunters out there take a look at our range of smaller cross body bags. Practical and colourful, these add a touch of fun into your wardrobe. Pick a colour that’s bold and out there to contrast to your everyday outfit.  What’s better than a bargain? A colourful one.

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