Your Guide to Robell Trousers

25th March 2019

Robell Trousers

Word on the street or should we say trouser of the street? Robell trousers have quickly become every woman’s favourite trouser go-to. The Robell brand has become incredibly popular amongst women over the years. And it’s no surprise as Robell trousers boast fashion conscious yet unique designs with comfortable, consistent fits for all sizes. At Lakeland our customers love us for our high quality leather so it’s only right that we bring you the highest quality of womenswear too.

With numerous styles, textures, fits and colours to choose from, the Robell trousers will fit seamlessly into your day or night attire. They are flattering, comfortable and will carry you through all seasons. Interested? Keep reading for your guide to all things Robell.

Know Your Options: Robell Marie/Bella/Lena            

Get to know your options. All trousers are crafted from a unique stretch material that offers consistent sizing across all styles.

  • The Marie trousers are an easy-to-wear pull on design with a concealed elasticated waistband and double stitched seam on the back of the leg to create a flattering fit.
  • The Bella trousers offer a fitted yet comfortable look, designed at ankle length with a fitted elasticated waistline; a seamless style.
  • The Lena trousers follow the same pull-on design but with a subtle open ladder design down the side of the leg for that extra flare.

Know Your Length: cropped/ankle grazer/full length

  • The Robell collection provides a range of lengths to carry you through all seasons. Full length, ankle grazer or cropped.
robell trousers Marie in Navy, Bella Ankle Grazer in Black & Marie Cropped in White

Know Your Style:

Patterned Trouser

Another reason to purchase a pair of Robell trousers is their use of colour and patterns. The statement printed pairs will definitely add some personality and quirkiness to your wardrobe. From a subtle pinstripe to bold check gingham print to the brightest and most vibrant triangle print in bright pink, there’s something for everyone.

Jacquard Trouser

The Jacquard trousers present a further unique texture. Also available in a range of statement and staple colours they will add individuality to all your outfits. From the denim-look jacquard print for a fun alternative, to the trusty taupe for all occasions.

Robell Trousers

Whatever your shape or size Robell caters for every woman’s unique trouser need. See our Robell collection to find your favourite.

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