Asking All Men: What Does Your Leather Jacket Say About You?

15th October 2018

Whether you’re a proud owner of a men's leather jacket, in the thought process of buying one, or always wanting to purchase but keep leaving it for the next year, we know you’ve probably questioned yourself and your aesthetic at some point. We’re here to banish the worldly leather assumptions and place you with the right jacket.

Can a ‘regular’ guy wear a leather jacket? Yes!

Am I having a midlife crisis if I purchase a leather jacket? No!

What version of myself do I hope to present in my leather jacket? See below:

Mens Leather Jackets The Charles, the Kirkby & the Eddie

Okay, that last question might be a little philosophical, but we understand that purchasing the ideal leather jacket can be unforgiving on your bank account. As specialists in leather, we know that it's a purchase you won’t live to regret. Leather jackets are an investment piece complete with heritage, masculinity and a forever relationship with fashion. At Lakeland Leather our jackets are designed, crafted and finished to the highest quality for long-lasting wear and style.

The Biker Jacket

leather bikers

The historical staple of motorists and symbolic jacket of music culture: the leather biker jacket. The biker was initially designed with practicality in mind. The asymmetric cut allowed motorcyclists to comfortably move with their bikes without the jacket digging into their body. The leather biker today is now the epitome of style with a youthful and edgy twist. Branded as ‘cool’, it’s a transformative outerwear piece. It’s impressive, without looking too hard to impress anybody. It presents a tough outer shell, and personifies adventure. Does that sound like you? Take a look at the Brando for our take on the LBJ, presenting all the hallmarks of a Lakeland favourite.

The Bomber Jacket

Packed full of history and heritage, the flight jacket, also known as the bomber jacket, is arguably the king of all leathers. It has a rich history stemming from wear by the military in WW1. In today’s fashion, the bomber is seen as a more relaxed piece of outerwear that is adjustable to a range of looks. Despite the history, bomber jackets present a modern attitude. Our Swinside Jacket is a contemporary bomber style with an understated design, to keep your wardrobe up to date for the smart, casual aesthetic. Does that match your look?

Mens Leather Bomber Jacket Swinside Leather Bomber Jacket in Navy

The Field Jacket

Moving onto the field jacket, this outerwear style is a look to stand the test of time. A no-mess, utilitarian cultured garment for men with a rugged appeal. The perfect jacket for the outdoors, it is the ideal crossover of function and longevity for a mixture of occasion and styles. With detailing typical of a field jacket, the Rob Leather Coat is a handsome and hard-wearing outer garment.

Mens Field Jacket Rob Leather Coat in Dark Brown

No matter which leather jacket you decide on, each has the power to transform your look, and step you out into an iconic skin that lasts you a lifetime. For leather jacket looks follow our Instagram @lakelandleather and take a look at our website for similar men’s jackets.

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