Our Care Products

We have developed a range of care and cleaning products specifically designed to be used on our natural finish leather and sheepskin items. Our aim is for you to enjoy your leather purchase for many years to come. Treating your leather with care, and occasionally applying our cleaning products will help to prolongue the life. Leather is not just for a season, but for years, or even decades to come.

Aniline and Nappa Leather

Designed specifically for high quality natural leather. Our leather items have a minimal amount of pigmentation applied to them, allowing the natural patina of the hide to show. This ensures every item is unique.

It does mean our leather benefits from being treated with added care. Protect leather before use, as it helps to prevent stains and can help with cleaning later. We also have a moisturing cream that helps to nourish older leather.

Care Guide

Suede, Nubuck and Sheepskin

Suede, nubuck leather and sheepskin all have a nap that provides a textured feel. Adding cream to this will remove the nap and make the item smooth and shiny. To avoid this we have developed a gentle spray to help offer an added layer of protection, without compromising on the look and feel of your garment.

Cleaning needs to be done by hand, and can be a delicate process, but it's worth it. And finally, our newly developed Magic Sponge will help lift the nap, restoring your suede, or sheepskin to its former glory.

Care Guide

We do not offer a cleaning service.