Dry Cleaning Leather

Dry Cleaning Leather Jackets and Sheepskin Coats

We are often asked for recommendations on  dry cleaning leather jackets and sheepskin coats. Lakeland Leather does not recommend dry cleaning.

If you've loved your leather since purchase, there should never be a need to have it dry cleaned. Using the care and cleaning products recommended by Lakeland will postpone and even eliminate the need for dry cleaning.

However, should excessive soiling make dry cleaning absolutely necessary we would advise you contact our Customer Care Department (015394 39030) for details of a local specialist leather cleaner.

Frequently Asked Questions

In an attempt to cover some of the basic queries regarding the dry cleaning of leather, we have listed some of the more common questions raised by customers.

Can I expect leather and suede to look as good as new after cleaning?

Not usually. Unlike fabric garments leather does not benefit from dry cleaning. The cleaning process removes dirt and grime from the leather. However, this process also removes some of the substances used to dye and soften the skins. This means your leather garments will no longer feel the same and some colour change is likely.

What can I expect to happen to suede/leather after dry cleaning?

A specialist leather cleaner will endeavour to restore the colour and softness of the garment to as near its original condition as possible. The cleaner should record the type of finish and colour, noting any variations in colour, either between panels or from use, before cleaning. Change to the colour and texture of the garment is unavoidable even after treatment from the best dry cleaning.

Why did my leather jacket seem to get tighter following dry cleaning?

The tanning and dying process impregnates leather with oils. During the production process stretching skins helps give them flexibility. Following cleaning, the skin will lose some of these oils, and the garment may shrink. A dry cleaner specialising in leather should measure the garment to ensure the garment is the correct size and shape.

Which cleaner should I entrust to dry clean my leather and suede garments?

If you still feel that dry cleaning is the best approach then contact Lakeland Leather's Customer Care Department (015394 39030) and we can supply contact information for your nearest specialist leather cleaner.

My local dry cleaners advertise they can dry clean leather - will I be happy with the results?

You should never need to sign a dry cleaning disclaimer for a Lakeland leather. Should a garment requiring dry cleaning form part of a collection, it is advisable to have all items dry cleaned together. This will help minimise potential colour variation.

For any further questions on dry cleaning leather or sheepskin please contact our Customer Care Department (015394 39030).