Leather Care & Cleaning

The high quality leather we use in our garments requires specialist leather care and cleaning. As with all natural materials, leather benefits from a little love and attention. Before you begin, identify the leather finish (aniline, nappa, suede, nubuck, or sheepskin), as this will determine the appropriate care and cleaning process.

If you are in any doubt about any aspect of leather care and cleaning, call into your nearest Lakeland Leather shop or contact our Customer Care Department on 015394 39030.


Care and Cleaning – Aniline & Nappa

Leathers with a smooth finish; typically Aniline, Semi-Aniline and Nappa.

Leather Care and Cleaning

Before you wear

Applying Lakeland Leather Protection Cream Plus+ provides an invisible protective barrier over the surface of the garment. This biodegradable and dermatologically safe cream gives excellent protection against water and oil based stains.

To help protect against the build-up of natural oils, give the inside collar and cuffs extra attention.

The Aniline finish applied to many of our leather jackets, provides the distinct soft-to-touch feel that is synonymous with Lakeland Leather. These jackets have no pigment coating and require special attention to help maintain the true beauty of the leather.

Our Nappa leather jackets have a pigment applied to the outer surface, and are therefore more resilient to potential marks, but still benefit from the application of Lakeland Leather Protection Cream Plus+.

All online orders are pre-protected before despatch, to ensure your jacket is ready to wear.

Watch this video to see how to apply the Protection Cream.

Regular Care

Depending on the level of wear, your leather jacket will benefit from the use of Lakeland Leather Foam Cleaner. This is a mild cleaner which will not affect the original look, properties or finish of the leather – although we do recommend you test on an inconspicuous area of your jacket first. Use a fine sponge to apply the cleaner. Reapply Lakeland Leather Protection Cream following the use of the Foam Cleaner.

Your leather will also benefit from our Leather Revive & Renew Cream. It helps to revive and renew the soft-to-touch nature of our leather. It is best described as a 'conditioner' and only needs applying when the leather begins to look and feel tired.


Remove minor marks and soiling by using Lakeland Leather Foam Cleaner. Similarly, Lakeland Leather Protection Cream should be reapplied following cleaning.

For ink marks, we have an Ink Away Cleaner that can be used on our nappa leather jackets. Use within the first few hours of the mark appearing. It comes in a handy lipstick size tube and helps lift the ink out of the surface of the leather before it dries.


Care and Cleaning – Suede & Nubuck

Suede, Nubuck and buffed leather (leather which has been buffed in the finishing process to give it a matt appearance).

Nubuck care and cleaning

Before you wear

We recommend that before wearing your garment you spray it with Lakeland Leather Suede & Nubuck Protection Spray.

This provides an invisible protective barrier over the surface of the garment. This barrier helps to prevent water, dirt and grime penetrating the surface of the skin, and makes it easier to remove surface marks.

Give the inside collar and cuff areas extra attention. This reduces the build-up of natural oils from the contact with skin.

Unfortunately due to shipping restrictions, the aerosol is only available to purchase in our stores. We pre-protect all online orders of nubuck and suede garments before despatch – so they are ready to wear as soon as you receive them.

Watch this video to see how to protect your suede, or nubuck jacket.

Regular Care

Use our Lakeland Leather Suede & Nubuck Protection Spray on a regular basis, as it will continuously protect your jacket from marks.


Remove minor marks and soiling by using Lakeland Leather Suede & Nubuck Foam Cleaner, along with our Magic Sponge. Use the Magic Sponge in gentle circular motions, working from the outside of the mark to the inside. Don't rub too hard, or you will smooth out the nap, and the jacket will take on a shiny appearance. Once clean, buff the jacket with  the dried sponge to help raise the nap.

After cleaning we recommend giving the garment another spray.


Sueded garments will naturally shed a certain amount of fine dust when new. This is due to suede particles loosened in the buffing process becoming trapped in the pile of the garment. The softer the suede, the more likely this is to happen.

The dust will soon disappear with wear; but the garment can be gently brushed with the Magic Sponge, and then sprayed with Lakeland Leather Suede & Nubuck Protection Spray.


Dark spots can appear on your nubuck or suede jacket if worn in the rain. Remove these rain-spots by gently rubbing the surface of the jacket with the Magic Sponge.


Care and Cleaning - Sheepskin

Sheepskin care and cleaning

We are often asked about Dry Cleaning recommendations for Sheepskin Coats and Jackets. Lakeland Leather does not recommend dry cleaning.

How do I clean my Sheepskin?

Use a damp sponge and lukewarm water with a small amount of mild, pure soap (DO NOT use powdered detergents). Gently sponge the wool all over, taking care not to allow it to become too wet. Dry naturally, and comb through with a poodle brush to bring back the velvety feel to the wool.


How to clean Leather Briefcases, Handbags & Luggage

Clean and treat our leather briefcases, handbags and luggage in the same way as suede or leather garments. Different leather types and finishes are used on different bags, so it is advisable to check you are planning to use the correct leather care and cleaning product before you begin

Check the inside of the bag for any labels referring to the particular care of clasps and fittings.


How to clean Leather Gloves

Our Hair Sheep Aniline, hand-cut leather gloves will preserve their appearance and comfort for years to come.

Should your gloves become wet, allow them to dry naturally away from direct heat, in a warm room. Ease back into shape whilst drying by putting the gloves on and off several times.

Wipe your leather gloves with a clean damp cloth to clean.  If your gloves need further leather care and cleaning they may benefit from the use of Lakeland Leather Foam Cleaner. Following the use of the Foam Cleaner we recommend applying Lakeland Leather Protection Cream Plus+.


General Leather Care and Cleaning Tips

If you take good care of your leather and apply the regular leather care and cleaning it requires you should never experience any problems.

It is possible to iron out creases from suede and leather?

Yes. For best results ensure the iron is on the 'medium' setting. Place a clean, fine weave cloth over the area to be ironed and gently apply pressure with the iron to smooth out creases.

Note: It is important that the iron does not make direct contact with the suede or leather.

How should I store a leather jacket?

Always treat leather and suede with the care and respect that a luxury garment deserves. Keep on a well-shaped hanger when not in use, and if the garment is not to be worn for a long period of time keep in a fabric cover.

Can I wear my leather jacket in the rain?

Most leathers are reasonably shower resistant, though not waterproof, so try to avoid wearing your leather jacket in the rain. Should your leather garment become wet, put on a well-shaped hanger and allow it to dry naturally, away from direct heat or sunlight.


Other ways to love your leather

As a leather jacket is often your most expensive item of clothing it is always advisable to be aware of other potential hazards which could affect the appearance and general wear.

Adhesive labels

Do not stick adhesive labels, such as those used to promote charities, onto suede or leather garments. The adhesive may cause discolouration or remove some of the finish.

Car Seats/Seat Belts/Handbag Straps

Some car seats and seat belts are made from particularly hard wearing materials which can be abrasive to leather or suede. Care should be taken, especially with finer leather and suede to ensure abrasion or sharp buckles do not cause damage to the garment. The same applies to handbag straps.

Dye Transfer

There can be a degree of dye transfer both from and to suede, nubuck and aniline leather. This can occur particularly when the garment is wet. Try to avoid direct contact with light coloured garments and car seats.

Oil/Wax Transfer

With any leather which has an oil or waxy finish, there is the potential for oil/wax to transfer onto other fabrics. Avoid contact with light coloured garments and car seats.


Strong sunlight will fade suede and leather. Don't leave suede and leather garments in the sun for long periods of time.


Dry Cleaning

We are often asked about Dry Cleaning recommendations for our sheepskin coats and leather jackets. Lakeland Leather does not recommend dry cleaning.

Help prevent the need for dry cleaning with the use of our leather care and cleaning products. However should excessive soiling make dry cleaning absolutely necessary we would advise you to contact Lakeland Leather Customer Care Department (015394 39030) for details of a recommended specialist leather cleaner.

Dry Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

Our Dry Cleaning Leather and Sheepskin page answers many of the common queries raised by our customers.


After Care Service

We are keen to ensure that you enjoy wearing your leather jacket and are confident in the use of our leather care and cleaning products. Designed exclusively for Lakeland Leather these products help enhance and prolong the life of your garment. Should you require any further advice on leather care and cleaning, please contact your local Lakeland Leather store or our Customer Care Department on 015394 39030.