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A Women’s leather jacket is a must-have if you want to achieve that smart/casual balance. An essential in every wardrobe, it’s perfect for braving cold weather or keeping you cool and calm on sunny days. A leather jacket can give your casual outfit a smart twist or give your workwear a casual element –perfect for going out after work for drinks. Leather jackets are timeless pieces, and a well-made leather jacket can last you almost your entire life! Pick your style and own it. Women’s leather biker jackets are always a popular option with an elegant, fitted style and sophisticated look. Women’s long coats offer a chic, classy style, or maybe pick an aviator jacket to add a cool and casual feel to any outfit.

Leather jackets and leather coats are an iconic staple of any women’s wardrobe, whether it’s a well-fitted, clean and chic biker jacket or a thicker duffle sheepskin. Fit into the big city or wild countryside with the variety of styles in our selection. All our jackets are real leather – you won’t find any faux leather here; we design real leather jackets and coats for women that are made to last whatever your lifestyle.

Women’s leather jackets and coats: both are a must-have staple of any women’s wardrobe. Leather jackets and coats are essential if you want to achieve that tricky smart/casual balance. The iconic leather jacket is a timeless piece, whether it’s a well fitted slimline biker jacket, a thick sheepskin duffle or a relaxed aviator jacket. Fit into the big city or the wild countryside with the variety of leather jacket and coat styles in our collection.

At Lakeland leather you will find both real leather jackets and faux leather jackets. A Lakeland real leather Womens jacket or coat can last you decades and can become a true investment piece and that go to item in any wardrobe, so pick your style and make a statement. 

We appreciate the nuance of real leather, and for us, knowing each garment is unique makes it extra special. That’s because every hide is different, with its own blemishes and natural design.

Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated silhouette or cool and casual style you can add a bit of glamour to your outerwear with our leather coats for women. Create a chic and effortless outfit by pairing your Womens leather jacket with a formal work dress or super-relaxed jeans. Perfect for after work drinks or the family BBQ.

Choose from the chic biker jacket or go for the classic long sheepskin coat with elegant belt tie. Stay cool and calm in a leather aviator jacket or add a bit of luxe with a fur-lined leather jacket. Play it safe with a classic black biker jacket or mix things up with a striking red leather coat. You’ll also find traditional brown and tan leather jackets, and even electric blue! Lakeland Leather truly are the experts in this sector.