Men's Sheepskin Slippers & Moccasins

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Admit it, the first thing you want to do in the morning and the first thing you want to do in the evening is slip into a superb pair of genuine sheepskin leather slippers. Not false, or faux or cheap and imitation slippers, but the real thing – a classic pair of British-made mens sheepskin slippers.

Maybe you’ve had a hard day out at work, or a hard day working out, or a hard day working from home; either way you want to rest your mind and soothe your feet, and what could be a better massage for the hard-pressed toes than sliding into a comfy pair of sheepskin leather slippers.

From slippers to sliders to slipper-boots to moccasins, our sheepskin footwear here at Lakeland Leather can be summed up in one word – genuine. It’s 100% genuine sheepskin leather – what we’ve worked hard to produce for more than half a century.

The comfort is also genuine. You don’t buy slippers to protect your feet, you buy them to pamper your feet. Lakeland Leather men’s sheepskin slippers, with their air-cushioned insoles and soft leather uppers, are the ultimate in genuine lightweight comfort.

Moccasins, those hardy but soft foot-huggers, are our best-selling slipper, and nowhere on or offline will you find a more refined bed for your precious toes than inside a pair of Lakeland Leather mens sheepskin moccasin slippers. The pure wool linings – complete with satisfyingly supple air-cushioned in-soles – are as strokable as puppies, the strong, smooth uppers will last you a lifetime, and the grippy rubber soles will protect you whatever appears under foot. But we can’t imagine you’ll be doing much other than sauntering comfortably round your home in a pair of Lakeland Leather sheepskin moccasins with their stylish leather laces.

All the colours of our slippers and moccasins are reassuringly classic – black, brown, blue, grey and of course the timeless colour tan – and if it’s a wide fit you’re after, our latest designs have a deeper upper and wider foot-bed allowing you to go the extra mile into home comfort.

With our new-in sheepskin leather men’s slipper boots in brown, you have yourself not only an extremely elegant look on the outside but with the soft wool pile on the inside a luxuriously warm feel, not only for your feet but your ankles.

For effortless ease on a cold winter’s morn, slip out of bed straight into a pair of Lakeland Leather 100% sheepskin sliders. These backless sliders – the historic name for them is mules, bedroom slip-on shoes going back to Roman times – are the ultimate in lightweight comfort, with air-pocket insoles and textured rubber outer soles.

All our men’s slippers and moccasins are individually sized, from sizes 7 to 12. We like to be precise at Lakeland Leather, so where other shoemakers may offer dual-sizing, such as 7–8, or 9–10, our sheepskin leather footwear meets your feet with a single, classic number. Because we’re the genuine article.