Sheepskin Jackets, Coats & Accessories

Soft and luxurious sheepskin is a must-have fabric in anyone’s winter wardrobe. Timelessly fashionable and endlessly warm, your new sheepskin purchase will see you through fashion trend after fashion trend.

Our faux men's & women's sheepskin collection makes the range inclusive to everyone, while still providing all of the perks of real sheepskin: comfort, warmth, and style. The majority of our sheepskin range is made up of coats and jackets, but it also spans as wide as slippers & moccasins to enhance your sleepwear and mittens to keep you warm even on the chilliest of days.

Sat up there with our sheepskin best sellers, our sheepskin aviator jackets put a contemporary spin on the classic cut and are the perfect warmer for the chilly in between season between autumn and winter and even onwards.

Our sheepskin slippers & moccasins for both men and women are a sturdy and cosy solution to having cold feet around the house and the rubber sole ensures that your new purchase will be long-lasting.

Like most leathers, sheepskin does require proper care and attention, but care does differ from that of other types of leather. Sheepskin can be worn in rain and snow, just try to avoid getting it saturated by dodging heavy showers. If you need to clean your sheepskin product, you can do so by dabbing a soap and water solution onto any mucky areas with a soft sponge or cloth.

To dry (always dry your sheepskin naturally), hang up away from intense heat and sunlight. Once it has dried, you can comb the wool areas with a wire dog bush to restore the smooth feel. We recommend that you never use a dry cleaning service to clean your sheepskin items as it could cause irreversible damage. You can read our guide on cleaning for your sheepkin jacket here.