Sheepskin Slippers & Moccasins

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Here at Lakeland Leather we’ve been inspired by many generations of Lakeland shepherd to bring you the most soft, comfortable womens sheepskin slippers and mens sheepskin slippers and moccasins your feet will find. All our Lakeland sheepskin slippers benefit from the softest sheepskin leather and a smooth, air-cushioned sole, so they’re an absolute treat for your feet in all seasons.

Because the sheepskin leather is as natural and breathable as the Lakeland countryside in which our flagship shop sits, Lakeland slippers and moccasins will keep your feet not only toasty and warm in the winter but dry and cool in the summer. Yes they’re lovely and soft, and they’re also very hard-wearing and durable, just like the sheep and shepherds of Lakeland! Sheepskin itself comes, as the name suggests, from the hide of a sheep, which our experts then tan (treat so as to preserve and protect) into high-quality soft sheepskin leather.

Since every sheep is unique, so is every pair of Lakeland sheepskin slippers and moccasins. Each pair needs the eye of a Lakeland Leather expert to bring out the natural quality of the sheep’s skin. If you like Ugg slippers, which are famous for their naturalness, you’ll love Lakeland Leather slippers, every pair prepared from 100% pure sheepskin.

Moccasins originate with the indigenous people of North America, but sheepskin ladies and mens moccasins, with their unmistakable crimpled edges, have long been very much at home here in the UK, and nowhere more so than at Lakeland Leather. Our wide range of women’s and men’s slippers and moccasins are individually sized, from sizes 3 to 8 in women’s and 7 to 12 in men’s. Where others might offer imprecise dual-sizing, such as 5–6, or 9–10, at Lakeland Leather we go one better – making our soft leather footwear fit your feet not just comfortably, but precisely, with our single sizes.

When it comes to styles and colours, you’ll find as many gorgeous colours and shades here as you’ll find in the picturesque Lakeland landscape surrounding our Ambleside UK shop. From classic and iconic shades of tan, stone, vole and grey, to fashionable pinks, creams, burgundy and navy; and from slippers to sliders to cross-overs to booties, the rich choice is yours. And to top all that, all our slipper and moccasin linings are made with premium quality merino sheepskin.